Sketch of Zaandam killer released, reward offered for info

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The police have released a composite sketch of a man they believe may be connected to the in Zaandam on June 9th.  The man was seen walking away from a burning van in Amsterdam-Noord  a few hours after the assassination. This van was the getaway vehicle used in the assassination. The police do not know whether this man had a role in the assassination, that will be established as soon as he is identified and found.

The getaway car, a brown Volkswagen Multivan, was stolen from Verwold in The Hague somewhere during the night between June 1st and 2nd. Counterfeit licence plates had been put on the vehicle by the time it was found burning in Amsterdam-Noord. The counterfeit licence plates read 9-SBS-98. The police have indications that the vehicle had been in Zaandam, near J. Kruijverstraat where Boom was killed, since June 3rd. The police believe that at least 4 people were involved in the execution of the assassination. One man was the driver and three others shot at Boom. Witnesses told the police that the men were dressed completely in black. A picture taken by a witness clearly shows one of the men walking towards Boom with an automatic weapon. The police has information that Boom was beaten up by another man in a nightclub on Friday night April 24th. The police would like to talk to anyone who saw this fight or know who the other man is. The Public Prosecutor has offered a reward of 15 thousand euros for information that leads the resolution of this case. This information was shared on detection program Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday night. The police have received 17 tips since the broadcast, 13 came in during the broadcast and 4 more during Tuesday night. Most of the tips revolved around the perpetrators getaway van. "We could still use some more tips about the conflicts and quarrels Lucas Boom was involved in", a police spokesperson said to Het Parool. Boom was in a residential neighborhood in Zaandam, in front of dozens of children who were playing at nearby primary schools. Several of these children have told the police that they on this day. The police believe these came from the automatic weapon used in the assassination.