Turkey blocks Wilders Mohammed cartoon video; NL broadcast rescheduled

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YouTube has blocked the PVV video showing cartoons of prophet Mohammed in Turkey after a complaint from the Turkish government.

This is according to PVV leader Geert Wilders on Twitter.

This video was scheduled to be broadcast on NPO on Saturday, but due to an error, an older PVV video was broadcast instead. According to NPO chairman Henk Hagoort, the error happened at an external media company that prepares videos for broadcast, NRC reports. Wilders called it "sabotage". "This is unbelievable! We submitted our video on time andits receipt had been confirmed. How is it possible?" Wilders said on the PVV website. He continued that Hagoort has assured him that the video will be broadcast on June 24th on NPO1.

The cartoons featured in the video were previously seen in Garland, Texas, at an anti-Islam cartoon competition at which Wilders was a guest speaker. The building was attacked by two gunmen shortly after Wilders' speech. Both gunmen were killed by the police. A third suspect has been arrested.

Wilders called the attack an "unacceptable" attack on free speech. He then attempted to have the cartoons displayed in parliament buildings, but his request was denied.

The video containing these cartoons can be viewed below. The images may be offensive and viewer discretion is advised.