Schools scanning servers for "jihad," "YODO"

Schools will soon be able to install a software system on school networks that scans for key words such as Jihad, ISIS or YODO - you only die once. The system is intended to help schools quickly identify signs of radicalization in students.

"The system is designed to prevent digital bullying, but we are now extending it to also include radicalization", Pauline van Duken of Importunus, the foundation developing the system, said to the AD. Importunus is currently working on a list of search terms that may indicate radicalization.

Once installed on a computer network, the system will give a warning if one of these search terms are used. A counselor can then make a screenshot on his own computer and take action.

The Ministry of Education is aware of Importunus' project, a spokesperson said to the newspaper. "We support schools in identifying radicalization. It is up to them to decide how they want to identify those signals."