Mosques: "Loudmouth" Wilders can't rip apart Dutch society

Geert Wilders cartoon (Picture: Twitter/@EerdeHaitze)Geert Wilders cartoon (Picture: Twitter/@EerdeHaitze)

The Council of Moroccan Mosques in the Netherlands has released a cartoon featuring PVV leader Geert Wilders, in reaction to Wilders' plans to display cartoons of the prophet Mohammed on national television. "With this cartoon we want to show that no loudmouth can rip our society apart", spokesperson Aissa Zanzen said to NOS.

The cartoon portrays Wilders as a child having a tantrum, shouting "fewer fewer fewer, with a bomb in the background. In the shadow of the bomb, people are quietly going on with their lives, ignoring the shouts.

Zanzen told the broadcaster that the best way to deal with Wilders' insults and provocations is by reacting with humor or just ignoring them, because the PVV leader refuses to enter into a dialogue. The Council will print about 500 copies of the cartoon, which will be put up in mosques and foundations. Zanzen is also investigating whether it would be possible to put them up at bus stops.

The cartoon was made by a number of young people. It will be spread through social media this weekend.

On Twitter Wilders responded to the cartoon. "Funny" he wrote. He also said that 9 Mohammad cartoons will be broadcast on NPO 2 on Saturday.