Hell’s Angels in Haarlem mayor car arson probe

The police are investigating a possible link between the biker gang Hell's Angels and the Haarlem mayor's car fire, the Telegraaf reports. According to the newspaper, the mayor's car may have been set on fire as an act of revenge.

The relationship between Mayor Bernt Schneiders and the motorcycle club has deteriorated recently, leading to a recent confrontation between the mayor and Hell's Angels president Lysander de R. The confrontation happened two weeks after De R.'s arrest on April 29th. De R. was upset about Schneiders' statements to local media that he welcomed De R.'s arrest.

"My relationship with the chapter of the Hell's Angels here in Haarlem was always fine. I was always on speaking terms with them, and also had telephone conversation with the former president.  But a new wind has been blowing the past few months. Another regime. We have no communications", the Mayor said to the newspaper.

Schneiders' car was set on fire on Monday morning. The mayor has been given extra security.