Econ. Min: Consumer authority stops sustainability with cartel rules

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The approach of the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) to collusion between companies is not always the best decision for sustainability and environmental friendliness, said Economics Affairs Minister Henk Kamp. Quite often organizations reach agreements that are actually favorable for the environment, according to the Minister, but the watchdog stops deals dead in their tracks to prevent collusion between firms, Kamp said in a letter.

This also affects partnerships that aim at establishing greener production. ACM have previously banished sustainable initiatives on the ground of cartel forming.

Deals formed between produce firms and supermarkets to improve the lives of battery farm chickens was challenged by the ACM. Likewise, an agreement between energy providers to shut down coal plants was blocked by the ACM because of collusion, newswire ANP pointed out.

Companies and environmental organizations joined Kamp's call for the ACM to give enterprises more space to make agreements.