Terror suspect who threatened Wilders gets 4 years

The 22 year old Mohamed A. from Delft has been sentenced to four years in prison by the court in Rotterdam. A. wanted to support the jihadists fighting in Syria with loot gotten from robberies.

A. was arrested last year on his way to an armed robbery at the port of Scheveningen. The police found three firearms and ammunition in the car. The robbery could be prevented because A. had told undercover officers about the firearms.

The court found A. guilty of a serious terrorist crime "because he planned a robbery with the aim of supporting the violent jihad", RTL Nieuws reports. According to the court, it is also clear that A. has fought in Syria. "It is generally known that jihadist groups in Syria are guilty of large-scale gross human rights violations", the judges said.

During the lawsuit it also became known that A. discussed an attack on PVV leader Geert Wilders with others. A. was not prosecuted for this as it could not be proven that he made preparations for an actual attack.