Police dog bites man after train worker threats

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A 50 year old man from Goes was bitten by a police dog and then arrested after threatening a train conductor on Wednesday night.

According to the police, the man started a confrontation with the conductor around 7:00 p.m on the platform in Goes after the conductor had asked him to leave an empty train. The man was very aggressive and threatened the conductor with death. The man then took off in the direction of the center.

The police were informed of the incident and launched a search for the suspect. Around 7:11 police officers saw him cycling on Korte Kerkstraat and ordered hi to stop. The man immediately picked a fight with the police officer, who used pepper spray on the man. The suspect then fled into a restaurant.

As the man was acting so aggressively and had resisted arrest, the police officer called in a few other officer and a police dog for backup. The police dog bit the man in the leg during the arrest and he was once again sprayed wit pepper spray. He was taken to the police station and is in custody for further investigation.