Zara parent corp. expanding in Amsterdam

Zara store (Photo: Xabier Cid/Wikimedia, 25.02.2007)Zara store (Photo: Xabier Cid/Wikimedia, 25.02.2007)

Spanish fashion giant Inditex is expanding substantially in Amsterdam. Zara opened its second store in downtown Amsterdam on Thursday, and two sister-brand shops, Oysho and Stradivarius, will also open in the city.

Both stores will open in the shopping area of the city center, with a large location nearly locked up for Stradivarius, according to the Parool. Clothing at the other stores will cost less that at Zara.

There is now more room for shops like Zara available in Amsterdam, said Inditex property manager Roel Schulte. The supply of retail space is increasing with small shops and offices bundled into large retail areas. The new Zara on Nieuwendjik opened in a renovated venue where small shops are combined into large store areas over three floors.

The new Zara is complementary to the already existing shop on Kalverstraat, said Schulte. "I do not think that the shops compete. Nieuwendjik attracts a different audience than Kalverstraat."