Push-pin found in frozen green beans; Lidl apologizes

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A Nijmegen family found a push-pin in the package of frozen beans that they purchased in Lidl, reports De Gelderlander. The store management apologized for the incident and awarded the family a complimentary shopping cart of groceries as a compensation.

Toos Minkhorst said she found the pin mixed into her food at dinner time. She felt something hard in her mouth and spat out a metallic object that turned out to be the push-pin. "Luckily I did not break my tooth on the metal," she commented. "And I am glad I did not swallow the pin. But there is something that went terribly wrong at the factory." This is the first time something like that happened to their family, she said.

After the incident, Minkhorst's husband went to the store where they purchased the beans. The store manager apologized to him and invited him to fill up a shopping cart with groceries. "We did not want to rip the store off," said Minkhorst. "That pin was obviously beyond their control."

Recently, a Lidl store recalled a ten-bottle package of beer from its customers because of glass fragments that could get in the beverage when opening a bottle. The store offered its customers to return the product and receive their money back.