No prosecution in the "Fuck the King" case

"Fuck the King" spray painted on the royal palace in Amsterdam (Picture: Twitter/@rzuaslan)"Fuck the King" spray painted on the royal palace in Amsterdam (Picture: Twitter/@rzuaslan)

The Public Prosecutor in Amsterdam has decided not to prosecute the 26-year old man suspected of insulting the King and the Queen during Zwarte Piet demonstrations by saying "fuck the king, fuck the queen and fuck the royal palace," the Public Prosecutor (OM) declared on Thursday. The Prosecution determined the statement was made "within the context of public debate," which means that relevant statements are not punishable. 

Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan openly denounced the prosecution saying that even the King would most likely agree with him. Soon after the public heard about the suspect's possible prosecution, the Royal Palace was tagged with text saying "fuck de koning." Shortly after, King Willem-Alexander commented the public debate by saying that he obviously has an opinion but as a King he can not say it and he will follow the debate and accept any outcome.

Many Zwarte Piet demonstrations broke out last year during Sinterklaas parades. In Gouda, 90 people were arrested during the demonstrations and dozens of demonstrators continued the protests in Amsterdam in November.

Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher found inspiration in Amsterdam's ways of handling the Zwarte Piet discussion and paved the way for national discussion in the case.