Dutch football: FIFA elections should continue as planned

Dutch football union KNVB thinks it is of "great importance" that the FIFA senior congressional and presidential elections continue as planned after the arrest of a number of FIFA officials on Wednesday.

The FIFA officials were arrested by the Swiss police on Wednesday morning. The accusations against the officials involved include bribery and extortion. According to the KNVB, this incident further damages the image of both FIFA and football and the union therefore strongly supports the "clean up" of FIFA.

"The KNVB attaches great importance to the continuation of both the senior congressional and presidential elections Especially at this moment, with the global commotion about the arrests in Zurich." KNVB director Bert van Oostveen said on the union's website.

KNVB president Michael van Praag has withdrawn as candidate for the FIFA presidency. The only candidate currently running against current Sepp Blatter, the current FIFA president, is Prince Ali Bin Hussein. According to the KNVB, Prince Ali has taken over the main points on Van Praag's agenda.