Composite sketch of theatre arsonist revealed

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The police have released a composite sketch of a man suspected to be involved in the arson of the Theater Palazzo in Grave on April 26th as well as a robbery at the same theater a week earlier.

On April 21st the owner of the theater was robbed. He managed to escape the robbers, who ran off with a small amount of money.

Less than a week later, on Sunday April 26th, the theater owner was attacked again. This time the attackers tied him up, sprinkled him with flammable liquid and set the theater on fire. The owner managed to get out of the building in time and managed to escape with only minor injuries.

The police made a composite sketch of one of the suspects. The theater owner is certain that this man was present at both the robbery on April 21st and the attack and arson on April 26th. The police would like to make contact with anyone who may recognize this man or has any information regarding this matter.