Justice Min: No comment on ex-Justice Sec. allegations

Ard van der Steur (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Rijksoverheid.nl)Ard van der Steur (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Rijksoverheid.nl)

Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice will not comment on the statements made by former State Secretary Fred Teeven. Teeven said that ex-Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten knew that the deal with drug criminal Cees Helman in 2001 involved 4.7 million guilders.

The Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, has asked for clarification from Prime Minister Mark Rutte. According to Het Parool, Van der Steur responded with a letter to the Tweede Kamer, also on behalf of the Prime Minister.

In the letter, Van der Steur points to the investigation into the deal being performed by an independent committee, which will also look into whether the former ministers had information about the settlement. "I do not consider it just to go further into this and thereby cross the investigation by this committee", Van der Steur wrote.