2,800-kilo Marijuana haul found after Customs officer arrest

Marijuana found in a container in port of Rotterdam (Picture: Public Prosecutor). (Marijuana found in a container in port of Rotterdam (Picture: Public Prosecutor))

The Rotterdam Hit And Run Cargo Team found 2,800 kilograms of cannabis, worth about 10 million euros in a container after the arrest of a Customs officer, according to the Public Prosecutor.

The 54 year old customs officer was arrested on April 17th after 400 kilograms of cocaine was found in a container. The man is suspected of facilitating drug smuggling through the port of Rotterdam. The investigation continued after the man's arrest and led to this latest discovery of 2,800 kilograms of cannabis on May 6th.

The cannabis was found in a container transporting flower pots from the Philippines and had arrived in the port of Rotterdam on the night of May 5th. The container was destined for a flowers and plants wholesaler in 's-Gravenzande. A 57 year old man from 's-Gravenzande was arrested on May 19th in connection with this cannabis. The HARC team also seized a number of items, including money.

The HARC team, a partnership of Seaport Police, Customs and FIOD, is continuing the investigation.