Teen prostitute sex suspect fired from child welfare job

One of the suspects in the was, until recently, a group leader of youth welfare institution Icarus en Keerpunt in Cadier en Keer, Limburg, according to AD. He was fired instantly by his supervisor after admitting he had a sexual relationship with the 16-year-old, the youth institution's spokesperson said on Thursday. 

"Having sex with a minor is not only illegal, but also incompatible with working with a group of vulnerable young people," the spokesperson stated.

The dismissed employee worked in the youth establishment in Cadier en Keer from 2006 until his resignation in January. He also had prior contact with the main suspect in the case, Armin A., believed to be the girl's pimp at the time of the police sting operation, the newspaper said.

There are 190 people working in Icarus en Keerpunt and 120 juveniles in a closed institution.

The Public Prosecutor announced regarding the case on Wednesday, and more charges are possible. after the publicity the case received earlier this year. Investigators allege that  and so far .