Amsterdam researchers uncover Hitler's private art collection

Adolf Hitler (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Bundesarchiv)Adolf Hitler (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Bundesarchiv)

A number of art treasures from Adolf Hitler's private collection were recovered on Wednesday, thanks to three Amsterdam art hunters, Het Parool reports.

This discovery is the result of months of research by historian Arthur Brand and his colleagues Alex Omhoff and David Kleefsta from Bureau Artiaz in Amsterdam, Het Parool reports. Brand spoke to the Telegraaf to tell his story.

Brand told the newspaper that he picked up the case in December when he got air of Dutch art dealer Steven M. offering two giant bronze horses for sale for 8 million euros. The works are by Hitler's favorite sculptor Josef Thorak. In the appendix Brand found a recent color photograph of the missing Thorak horses.

The three art hunters then went undercover and met with the art dealer several times in Amsterdam, to find out whether these works were the real deal. It turned out not to be forgeries. "He made us promise to proceed with extreme caution. The art should remain hidden for decades more, he said, otherwise all kinds of German families would get into trouble", Brand said.

According to the Telegraaf, the German police raided twenty addresses form an underground network, consisting of descendants of SS members, convicted German captains of industry and various criminal traders. The police discovered dozens of artworks commissioned by Hitler, many of which have been assumed destroyed after World War II. There are seven suspects being investigated, but no one has been arrested yet.