Shoplifting still a big problem for stores

The figures for shoplifting in 2014 remained practically unchanged compared to a year earlier. Crime figures from Statistics Netherlands show that shoplifting is still a major problem in the Netherlands even as overall crime figures showed a sharp drop last year.

The reduction, however, does not apply to instances of shoplifting, reports retail association Detailhandel Nederland. Yearly, shops in the Netherlands lose a total of several hundred million euros worth of goods stolen.

"These figures show that additional deployment of police and justice is vital," the association said on Monday. It is taking initiative to reduce the value threshold from which the shop owner can demand a 181-euro compensation from the shoplifter from 40 to 38 euros.

In 2014, almost 65 percent of the claims were paid directly to the retailer. If the shoplifter does not pay the claim directly, the collection process begins. In this manner, the authorities recovered almost 80 percent of the claims from the perpetrators.