TV hostage-taker Tarik Z. sent back to jail

Tarik Z., the man who used a fake weapon to force his way into the NOS building in January, appeared in court on Tuesday. The court ruled that he would remain in custody until the trial on June 19th. His lawyer, Ton Visser, did not ask that his client be released from custody, NOS reports.

Today's session was a so-called pro forma session. Z. declined the opportunity to speak up on his own behalf. The 20 year old Z. is suspected of kidnapping, making threats and the illegal possession of weapons.

Behavioral experts from the Dutch Institute for Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology have been examining Z.'s behavior and mental state over the past period. The results of these examinations are expected to be ready on June 8th.

NOS reports that Z. seemed relaxed in the courtroom this afternoon. According to his lawyer, Z. will tell his story on June 19th. Visser reiterated that his client is not mentally disturbed, but is gifted. "From the beginning I was able to speak to the client in a clear manner about what he did. Contrary to what is stated in the media that he is confused or disturbed, I did not get that impression at all."

Z. forced his way into the NOS building in Hilversum on January 29th, shortly before the evening news broadcast. He used a fake weapon to take a security guard hostage and demanded airtime. He was taken to an empty studio, where he was overpowered by the police a short time later.