Ikea: don't use our baby gates on staircases

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Ikea has released a warning that two of their baby gates are not safe to be placed at the top of stairs.

This involves two types of gates: the Patrull Klama and the Patrul Smidig, NOS reports. These gates are intended to be used at the bottom of the stairway or in a doorway between two rooms. They are not solid enough to be used at the top of the stairs and this could lead to accidents, Ikea warns.

These gates have been sold in the Netherlands since 1995. According to Ikea, they are very popular with millions sold world wide. People who have such a gate installed in their home can pick up an extra safety label and custom assembly instructions from the customer service at Ikea. Ikea stressed that there are gates that are especially designed to be used at the top of stairs.

Ikea knows about three accidents involving misplaced gates during the past few moths. In Germany a child broke an arm, another child was bruised in Sweden and a child in Norway broke a tooth.