Police: Men photographed at gay spots "blackmailed" in scheme

A gay couple holding hands (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Guillaume Paumier)A gay couple holding hands (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Guillaume Paumier)

A number of men in Midden-Nederland have received blackmail letters stating that pictures were taken of them in a parking area, a known meeting place for gay men, and that these pictures will be made public if they do not pay a sum of money.

The police have received "several" reports from Midden-Nederland of people who have received such a letter. The police have launched an investigation focused on finding the sender of these letters and discovering his/her motive.

The police ask that anyone who has received a similar letter and have not reported it, please come forward. The police would also like to make contact with anyone who may have information about the person or persons sending these letters, or any other information that might help with the investigation. The information will be handled carefully and confidentially.

The victims are spread across all of Midden-Nederland. It is not clear whether these photos were allegedly taken at just one or several locations.