Inflation in April driven mainly by phones: CBS

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Inflation in April rose mainly due to increase in phone prices, reports Statistics Netherlands (CBS). There are now more new models that are sold at higher prices than their predecessors.  The developments in food prices are also affecting the level of inflation.

Inflation level is increasing for the third consecutive month. The level of inflation in April rose to 0, according to the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP). This is 0.3% higher than in March when the inflation was negative.

On average food prices fell last month as compared to the April 2014. However, the decrease in food prices in March was even larger. Inflation excluding energy, food, alcohol and tobacco rose in April by 0.1% to the level of 1.1%. This measure is also important, because prices for food and energy are subject to significant fluctuations, and prices for alcohol and tobacco are strongly affected by the level of excise duties.

The Dutch inflation is currently at the average of the Eurozone. In March, inflation in the Netherlands was at -0.3%, whereas in the euro area it averaged at -0.1%.