Amsterdam: 27 degrees on Tuesday; Rotterdam: 28 degrees!

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Warm spring and beach weather is rolling in after the weekend, meteorologists reported on Thursday. The inland temperature is predicted to rise up to 23 degrees on average on Monday, but is expected to go even further up to 26 degrees on Tuesday, weather agency KNMI said.

In Amsterdam, the weather could reach 27 degrees, writes, while Rotterdam might even make it to 28 degrees.

On Mother's Day this Sunday, the weather is expected to be fairly sunny and dry, with an average temperature of 19 degrees, RTL reported. On Monday, the winds will shift and bring the beach weather with it. Monday and Tuesday evenings might be slightly windy but the temperature is predicted to remain pleasant for outdoor activities.

On Wednesday however, the winds change again bringing cooler air to the Netherlands. The weather is slightly more volatile but the average temperature should still remain around 15 and 16 degrees.