More Dutch nat'l footballers from Amsterdam, Rotterdam

No other municipality has produced as many players for the Dutch national football team as Amsterdam, NU's survey reveals. Since the first days of the Oranje a total of 98 players were born in Amsterdam, while Rotterdam took second on the list with its 80 players on the national team.

However, the Edam-Volendam municipality has given the Netherlands its most international players per capita. The fishing village produced 1.7 international Dutch footballers per 10,000 inhabitants. Among others, Pier Tol and Wim Jonk are born in Edam-Volendam.

Second on the list are Muiden and Schiedam with 1.6 international players per 10,000 inhabitants. Muiden gets to thank Sjaak Swart for the high number, since there are only 6,000 people living in the city.

Only 154 of the 393 Dutch municipalities have produced at least one international player and the largest municipality without international players is Haarlemmermeer with 140,000 inhabitants.

It is exactly 110 years since the Netherlands won its first international match against Belgium by a score of 4 to 1, despite the own goal made by Ben Stom.