Second hand shop shut on drug money laundering charge

Gerrit G., a customs officer accused of corruption, may have used his thrift shop Tweede Handje in Rotterdam-Overschie as cover, AD reports.

G., along with a number of other suspects including his wife and son in law, was arrested earlier this month for involvement in the importation of cocaine in the port of Rotterdam. G.'s wife Bianca, 46, is suspected of laundering dirty money. Her Facebook page states that she is the interior decorator of the store and also worked at customs. According to the newspaper, she was released last week and immediately went into hiding. G.'s son in law, who works at Tweede Handje, is also a considered a suspect. He is still in custody.

G. is suspected of facilitating large scale drug trafficking. An investigation into 400 kilograms of drugs in a container in the port of Rotterdam led to G. and his family. After his arrest, police found a shopping bag containing 1.17 million euros in cash in his home.

The police also found large sums of money in the homes of the 16 other suspects.