Assault and Arson: Theater burnt down after three attack owner

A Rotterdam-Feyenoord fire department truck (AlfvanBeem/Wikimedia)A Rotterdam-Feyenoord fire department truck (AlfvanBeem/Wikimedia)

The owner of Theater Palazzo on Maasstraat in Grave was assaulted by two or three intruders just before his theater burnt down on Sunday night. The police believe the perpetrators set the building on fire after the assault and before fleeing.

The owner managed to get out of the burning building safely and sustained only minor injuries. He called the fire department to report the fire. The firefighters managed to get the fire under control around 04:55 a.m. on Monday, according to the police.

The motive behind the assault and arson is still unknown and the police are investigating. The police will perform a technical investigation as soon as the property is safe to enter.