Knife-wielding man attacks NS conductor

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Police in Tilburg arrested a 39-year-old man for allegedly throwing a punch at a NS train chief conductor after he was slapped with a fine for riding the railway without a ticket. The suspect later shouted “I’ll kill you!” at the worker, while holding a Stanley knife, police reported.

The conductor, 60, managed to avoid the punch and was not hurt in the incident. After the shouted threat, police were called to the next station to make an arrest.

During his inspection of the train, the conductor told the Venlo resident he would have to pay a 35 euro fine on top of the 15.20 euro fare, police said. The man, travelling between Venlo and the Hague, handed over 50.20 euro in payment.

The conductor then wrote up a receipt, the suspect demanded change, not fully understanding the fine he was issued.

“After the repeated explanation of the penalty, with a clenched fist the man made a hitting motion, wherein the NS worker was able to fend off the blow in time,” police stated.

It was then that the man rose up, tracked down the conductor in another part of the train, and threatened him with the boxcutter.

Police arrested the suspect at the Tilburg station at 7:55 a.m. on Saturday after the incident. The NS worker cooperated in the investigation.

A court hearing was scheduled for July 28 in Breda.