Pilot drops phone from air, finds it in Texel

Find my iPhone
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An amateur pilot dropped his mobile phone inflight and later located it through the Find my iPhone application, AD reports.

The pilot had been trying to take a photo of an island in Texel, when he dropped his phone. It fell 1,500 meters and landed on the roof of a bungalow.

The pilot, who wishes to remain anonymous, thought the phone had fallen somewhere in Vredelust bungalow park in Texel. After landing, he contacted the park.

Bettina Nooij, a co-owner of the park, received a call from the pilot, which she initially did not take seriously.

"I thought he was kidding," she told the AD. "He told me on the phone that he was flying over our beautiful island and in all his enthusiasm dropped his phone while taking a picture of it."

After a bit of convincing, he asked if the park's co-owner could call the phone to see if it rang anywhere nearby. On calling the pilot's mobile number, Nooij walked through the park and came upon a neighborhood youth, who had found the phone. It has since been returned to the pilot.