Fender-bender leads to 45-kilo heroin bust

The police found 45 kilograms of heroin by chance after a small car accident in Breda on Wednesday night. The officers arrested a 34 year old man from Vlaardingen on suspicion of violation of the Opium act.

The rear end collision happened around 23:50 p.m. on the A16 highway west just before Glader. The driver 34 year old driver of a blue Peugeot 106 rear-ended a black BMW 3 series driven by a 53 year old man. Both drivers were examined by paramedics because of neck pain, but neither had to go to the hospital.

The police found three bags on the roadside next to the Peugeot. Traces showed that the bags placed there very recently. In the bags the police discovered more than 45 kilograms of heroin. The officers seized the drugs and arrested the 34 year old driver. He is in custody for further investigation.