Cuddly Owl not so popular with parents, kids

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Some mothers and children are afraid of the so-called Cuddly Owl in Noordeinde and wants it to be removed, Omroep Gelderland reports. Adriaan Hoogendoorn, the mayor of Oldebroek, agrees that the situation does not feel safe and would prefer it if the owl could be relocated.

The owl has been living an a tree next to the church in Noordeinde since early March. Ocassionally the owl will fly around and land on someone's head. As owls are large birds and can be considered dangerous, some parents are no longer allowing their children to play in the area near the church.

According to Scipio van Lierop, president of the owl work group, it must first be established if the Cuddly Owl is tame or wild. A new home can be found for the owl based on that conclusion.