Many Ziggo customers report problems after UPC merger

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The merger of UPC and Ziggo into one network provider has not been without complications. A survey of 3,000 Ziggo clients revealed that a quarter of subscribers have since experienced problems watching television, reports de Volkskrant.

The majority of complaints, around 57 percent, are related to blocks and stripes in the broadcast. Another fifth concerns missing audio. Other complaints are poor reception and the disappearance of some programs.

Customers say they were sometimes told by Ziggo to purchase new cables or splitters themselves. The Dutch consumer board advises that in such cases, customers insist that a new cable or even a technician's visit be provided by the company, even if the service provider does not offer this.

Ziggo was purchased by Liberty Global, the parent company of UPC. As a result, Ziggo customers had to reset their TVs. Ziggo and UPC will continue operating on the market under the brand of Ziggo.