Littering in Rotterdam could cost 420 euro

Litter (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Dave Gingrich)Litter (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Dave Gingrich)

The fines for littering and misplaced garbage bags in Rotterdam are increasing significantly, NOS reports.

Alderman Joost Eerdmans hopes the increased fines will help in the fight against pollution in the city. He believes that people in a dirty environment feel less safe. City guards in civilian clothing will monitor some places so that the probability of detection increases.

The fine for the first offense of a misplaced garbage bag is increasing from 115 euros to 125 euros. Repeat offenders may face a fine of up to 500 euros and community service of three days, during which they will clean up litter. This increase takes effect next week.

The fines for littering will be raised gradually. The first offense will receive a fine of 140 euros, the second offence 280 euros or three days of community service, and the third offence 420 euros or five days of community service and a fine of 140 euros.


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