New photos of gunman who threatened NS conductor released

Man suspected of threatening a NS conductor with a gun Man suspected of threatening a NS conductor with a gun (Picture: Politie)

The police have released pictures of the man suspected of threatening an NS conductor with a gun at the train station in Rijswijk shortly before Christmas last year.

At around 05:30 a.m. on December 22nd last year a conductor asked a passenger on the train between The Hague on Roosendaal to please get off the train at the next station (Rijswijk) as the passenger did not have enough money on his public transport card and therefore had not checked in.

At the station the conductor got off the train and waited for the man to leave the train. The man exited the train, but once the train's doors closed, he pulled them open again and got back on. The conductor called the driver of the train and told him to stay at the station until the passenger was off the train.

The passenger then started cursing the conductor, saying that he would be the first conductor to be shot on the train and showing a firearm. The driver rushed to his colleague's aid and the two of them went into the cabin. The man tried to follow but failed. The NS employees called the police, but the attacker had already fled.

The police are calling on anyone who may recognize this man or witnessed the incident on the train to come forward.