Girlfriend also arrested in 45-year-old's murder

The police arrested a 50 year old woman in the investigation into the death of John Wassink yesterday morning. The woman, Wassink's girlfriend, was arrested on suspicion of violating the Weapons and Ammunition Act and the Opium Act. The police found firearms and weapons during raids performed in the murder investigation.

On March 24th the police also arrested a 70 year old man from Rotterdam in a home in Rijsbergen. He is suspected of involvement in the Wassink's murder. The police performed raids in several locations in Brabant and found fire arms, weapons and drugs, which led them to the 50 year old woman.

Wassink's plastic-wrapped body was found in the Markkanaal near Terheijden on July 28th last year. An autopsy showed that them man was killed with a firearm. Wassink had a car dealership on Spectrum and lived in a mobile home on the property. The police found traces of blood in the mobile home.