Complaints against police rise ten pct.

Amsterdam police
A police flex squad supporting crowd control in Amsterdam. Feb. 18, 2010Jos van ZettenFlickrCC-BY

More than 10 thousand Dutch citizens entered a complaint against the police last year, a 10 percent increase compared to 2013, NU reports based on figures from LocalFocus.

A total of 10,517 complaints were filed about the police. Among other things, these complaints were about rude behavior, dangerous driving or police officers using physical violence. 1,922 of the filed complaints remain unresolved. 3,550 complaints were resolved after a mediation phase and 3,550 were resolved after a short conversation.

Relative to the size of the population, Amsterdam residents had the most complaints with 140 complaints per 100 thousand inhabitants. Rotterdam residents had 80 complaints per 100 thousand inhabitants and residents of the Midden-Nederland region had 77 complaints per 100 thousand inhabitants.

The majority of the complaints involve unpleasant treatment or behavior of a police officer. This was the most common complaint in 7 of the 10 regions.