Amsterdam rapper murder could lead to 20 year prison term

The Public Prosecutor has demanded a 20 year prison sentence against the 52 year old man suspected of shooting and killing 31 year old rapper Charlton ‘Challa’ Wondel on May 4th last year.

The shooting happened on Nesserland in Amsterdam-Noord. Ambulance personnel determined that Wondel was died of gunshot injuries. Another man was hit in the thigh.

According to the prosecutor, Wondel's death was a "deliberate murder". Wondel was at a party across the street from the suspect's house. He was shot when he came outside, in front of his friends. The motive fro the murder remains unclear. The suspect claims that the victim bothered his children.

In her closing speech, the prosecutor talked about the impact that the shooting had on Wondel's relative. "The family is faced with the loss of their son and brother, who they never had a chance to say goodbye to. We can all imagine how horrible this loss is for them."

The court will rule on April 15th.