Treasure map leads tax authorities to €180,000 buried underground

The FIOD made an extraordinary discovery on Monday in a criminal investigation into money laundering. The tax authorities found a map with different amounts noted on it as well as photos of a forest in the home of a 52-year-old man from Waalwijk.

A treasure hunt followed, involving both the FIOD, the investigators working for the tax authority, and the police department. They managed to find three locations noted on the map and excavated several plastic sleeves containing money from these locations.

On Tuesday, the FIOD returned to the man's home, suspecting that he may have dug up a box of money from his garden. The man eventually admitted that he had dug up the money and reburied it somewhere else. He showed the FIOD where the money was buried.

The tax authorities excavated a total amount of 180,000 euros. During the search of the suspect's home they also seized 8,000 euros in cash, equipment for cannabis cultivation, administration, two firearms, two cars and 500 liters of diesel. Customs took samples of the diesel on suspicion of tax fraud.