New details of Dutch jihadists revealed

The four Dutch jihadists who were added to the national terrorist list by Minister Bert Koenders of Foreign Affairs today, have been identified as Anis Z., Soufiane Z., Maher H. and Thijs B., RTL reports. All four of these jihadists' assets have been frozen.

Anis Z., born July 2nd, 1991, left the Netherlands on March 24th, 2013. He is part of the Hague jihad network. He is currently in Syria fighting on the side of Jabhat al-Nusra, an armed group linked to al Qaeda. On February 19th there was a pro forma lawsuit against him held in his absence. He is suspected of involvement in a criminal terrorist organization, sedition and preparing to commit a terrorist offense.

Soufiane Z., born on January 1st, 1988, is Anis Z.'s brother. It is believed that he was killed in a bombing on January 20th, but his death has not been officially confirmed. He is known as the creator of the jihad film "Oh oh Aleppo", in which he aimed to show people the conditions in Syria from his point of view. He is also believed to be the man behind the twitter account Jihadi John, the infamous ISIS jihadists who appears a number of beheading videos. In 2011 Z. spent eight months in a Pakistani prison. He is part of the Hague jihad network. In the Netherlands he is suspected of membership of a criminal organization with terrorist aims. On February 19th, the court put a stop to the prosecution against him as he is most likely dead.

Maher H., alias Abu Walae, was born on March 31st, 1994. He traveled to Syria in July 2013 and returned to the Netherlands in February last year. He is currently imprisoned in De Schie in Rotterdam, serving out a three years sentence for participating in the jihad in Syria. His wife, Shukri F., was acquitted of recruitment in the same case. H.'s mother does not agree with his prison sentence, stating that he went to Syria to help people before ISIS had even been founded.

Thijs B., alias Abu Ibrahim Anwar, was born on July 21st, 1989. He is believed to have converted to Islam 9 years ago after starting a relationship with a Dutch-Moroccan woman, whom he later married. He is also a member of the Hague jihad network. Acquaintances of B. told De Telegraaf that he is very intelligent, extremely pious and speaks fluent Arabic.