Power outage hits Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport


Large parts of Noord-Holland and Flevoland is sitting without power. The rail traffic in northern parts of the Netherlands has come to a standstill due to this power outage. Many hospitals are also without power, and the fire department has reports of people stuck in elevators all across the affected areas.

Reports of the power outage, which started around 09:40 this morning, are flowing in from Heemskerk, Haarlem, Amsterdam, Almere, Schiphol, Hoofdorp and Assendelft. Schiphol airport has also been affected.

The Gooi en Vechtstreek police district announced on Twitter that they are aware of the power outage and asked people not to call 112 to avoid overloading the network.

NS announced that no trains are currently no trains traveling in large parts of Noord-Holland. The full list of disrupted routes can be seen here. "It is not yet known how long this will last", NS states on their website. Train gates are fixed in a down position in some parts of Noord Holland because of the power outage.

"The power outage is affecting much of Amsterdam Zuidoost, and children are pouring out of the schools", according to NL Times reporter Marvin Hokstam. "Students are happy, businesses are frustrated."

The cause of the power outage is still unknown. Thus far power company Liander has said nothing about the power outage on Twitter. The company's website is also down.



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