WhatsApp sex blackmail lands boy, 13, in jail

A 13 year old boy from Frankener was arrested for extorting and blackmailing a 14 year old boy through WhatsApp. The 13 year old boy threatened the victim with violence and publishing erotic photographs of the victim if he did not give the suspect money.

The extortion and blackmail happened in the period between late December last year and February.

The 14 year old victim was approached by what he thought was a girl through Whatsapp, who managed to convince the victim to send an erotic photograph of himself. This girl turned out to be the 13 year old suspect. The suspect threatened to publish this picture and to do violence against the victim if he did not receive a sum of money.

The case came to the police's attention after the victims parents noticed that their son's behavior had changed. The father and son laid charges against the suspect.

The police extensively questioned the 13 year old suspect at the police station. Several witnesses were also question. The suspect was released after questioning, with the consent of the prosecutor. He will shortly appear before the juvenile court.