Squatters set fire in Amsterdam Centrum, protesting Spuistraat development

Squatters have reoccupied the Slangenpand on Spuistraat in Amsterdam and built barricades, which they set on fire. They are protesting against the for the building.

The police have closed off the street from two sides, but have not intervened yet, AT5 reports. According to a police spokesperson, the fire will have to be put out and the barricades broken down.

The Slangenpand, which is located across the street from the Bungehuis that was last month, was cleared out over the weekend because housing association De Key wants to build a brand new complex of residential and commercial properties on the site.

Tuesday night the squatters reoccupied the building. "Dear people, fantastic news, the Slang has been resquatted, at 22:00 exactly the door was broken open!" they , inviting people to come join them.

Some residents are stunned by the barricades in their street. "I do not feel really safe at present", one young man told AT5. Other residents are less upset. "I think it's good that they stand up for their own rights," one man said. "But it is ridiculous that they are blocking the street."