Teacher education subsidy, traineeship plan unveiled

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High school teachers will have an easier time obtaining a Dutch master’s degree or getting a qualification in an additional subject beginning April 1. The government is making three million euros available for the so-called VierSlagLeren programme in the following two years.

The Ministry of Education wants to provide more teachers with higher qualifications, and newly-qualified teachers with an additional certification in a subject where there are not enough teachers already, according to the ministry.

The programme entails pairing an experienced teacher with a currently unemployed one. While the incumbent teacher is attending courses to improve qualifications, they are replaced in the classroom by their counterpart. The unemployed teacher would attend their courses on alternating days, making it easier for the school to guarantee full staffing of all classrooms.

The incumbent teacher is also expected to provide guidance to the beginning teacher. The programme was launched in primary schools in 2014. There are currently 130 teacher duos enrolled in the programme.