Morocco can teach Netherlands how to fight radicalization

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Affairs Lodewijk Asscher was scheduled to visit Morocco on Tuesday to learn about combating radicalization. Morocco plays a central role in fighting North Africa extremism, and Minister Asscher will discuss efforts with his Moroccan counterpart and experts on integration and radicalization. 

Labour party MP Ahmed Marcouch thinks that educating temperate imams could be one point of improvement in the Netherlands following Morocco's lead in dealing with the issue, BNR reported. Morocco has suffered from terrorist attacks, fundamentalist sentiment and radicalization in recent years, he told the broadcaster.

Marcouch admits that although the Netherlands is not a Muslim country, it would be unfortunate not to learn from a Muslim country with far more experience in dealing with radicalization issues. Morocco has more experience, knowledge and skills in the matter, he said.

When asked if the imams should come from the Moroccan community or be trained in the Netherlands, Marcouch says that the solution should be built on cooperation and creating solutions together. He also stresses that the Islamic community should take more initiative in including imams as part of the training process.

"Of course it is important to have imams that know Dutch, our culture, customs and habits so eventually there could be something like Dutch Islam," Marcouch says to BNR.

Morocco sends all fighters they catch returning from the Syrian civil war to prison and a five-year de-radicalization program. The Labour MP thinks re-socialization and confronting young people with radical thoughts by re-education might be something more suitable for the Netherlands.

"We proudly maintain our constitutional democracy," he states.