Motorcycle gang leader narrowly avoids assassination attempt

President of outlaw motorcycle gang No Surrender, Klaas Otto, barely survived an assassination attempt in Belgium last weekend, De Telegraaf reports with police confirmation. Otto had an appointment with a man already known to him, but upon entering the meeting, the man pulled out a gun and tried to shoot him in the head, the "General" of No Surrender states. 

The bullet narrowly missed the carotid artery only grazing it slightly, and not causing serious damage."I turned my head away at the last moment, so that the bullet would not penetrate my skull but my neck," the President of No Surrender claims.

He got to the hospital on his own, Otto says, and doctors spoke of a miracle that he survived the attack. He left the hospital after treatment.

Otto also says he knows who is responsible for the assassination attempt, but will not reveal his identity nor comment on the motive, also shooting rumours that the perpetrator was a club member.

In the Telegraaf article, he hints strongly at retaliation, saying the problem will be dealt with soon.

No Surrender is the fastest growing outlaw motorcycle gang in the Netherlands and is expanding rapidly across borders. Earlier this month, club members visited Curacao and Suriname to establish new chapters there as well.

Last November the gang was involved in a firefight caught on tape in Eindhoven.