Family hopeful for 96-year-old Oma Toni, stabbed in Amsterdam

A card sent to Oma Toni wishing her a speedy recovery (Picture: Twitter/@RuudLeenders)A card sent to Oma Toni wishing her a speedy recovery (Picture: Twitter/@RuudLeenders)

Oma Toni, a well-known 96-year-old Amsterdammer stabbed last week, is still in critical condition, her granddaughter said Monday. The elderly fixture is on a ventilator, and recovering from a two-hour long surgery to repair seven gashes to her intestines.

She was attacked on the Govert Flinckstraat on Thursday by an Arnhem man who said he wanted to make his father suffer his attorney previously said. The suspect has no connection to his victim, and is believed to have travelled to Amsterdam specifically to stab someone. Despite using a walker at the time, Oma Toni escaped the man and made it to her home of over 80 years, where she called police and let paramedics in to treat her.

"We're holding on to hope, but it is nearly impossible for anyone of 96 years to recover from this," granddaughter Nienke Schipper told RTL Nieuws. "She is very sharp when she's awake. She's still herself, but she is really frustrated and annoyed by what has happened," Schipper added

"She thinks it's unbelievable."

Meanwhile, Twitter user isHairytortiecat has started a get-well campaign for the De Pijp resident. Without knowing the family, she is asking people to send letters of support to the hospital. Those who want to join may send cards to:

afd. IC
Postbus 95500
1090 HM   Amsterdam