Photos of seven Feyenoord rioters released

Feyenoord suspect 2
A suspect in the Feyenoord riots in RomeA suspect in the Feyenoord riots in Rome (Picture: Politie)

Yesterday the police released photos of seven suspects involved in the Feyenoord riots in Rome last month. Four suspects have already turned themselves in since the photos were released. A team of detectives have been studying photos and videos of the riots for the past few weeks and selected the first 15 suspects based on the images. The photos were first published on the police's internal network, from where 8 of the suspects have been identified. The photos of the other 7 suspects were released to the public yesterday. A 33 year old man from Genemuiden, a 20 year old man from Tiel and a 19 year old man from Driebruggen turned themselves in last night. A 19 year old from Leiderdorper also contacted the police yesterday afternoon. The police also received dozens of tips that are being investigated. Three other suspects, a 26 year old man from Apeldoorn, a 20 year old man from Amersfoort and a 26 year old man from Utrecht, turned themselves in before the photos were released. Photos of another 15 suspects have been put on the police's internal network. If these 15 suspects can not be identified, their photos will also be released to the public.