MH17 survivors beg investigators to return to crash site

Two survivors of victims of the MH17 disaster pleaded that investigators return to the crash site on RTL Late Night last night.

Rob and Silene Fredirksz lost their son Bryce and his girlfriend Daisy in the disaster. Silene believes that there is still much to be found at the crash site. "A lot of wreckage and most likely body parts. They promised us that they would return in the spring. But I think that it is currently safe, so please go on searching." she said.

Yesterday RTL Nieuws correspondent Jeroen Akkermans revealed evidence based on a forensics investigation that . "It confirms your suspicion" Silene said. "On the other hand I am angry that Jeroen had to do that. The government should have been there four months ago." Rob adds: "The government was too lax and too slow. Our children were murdered there, and they are handling it so quietly." Rob is grateful to Jeroen that he has come up with a concrete answer. He has put the question to the Dutch authorities, but never got an answer.