Dutch to send investigators, police to MH17 crash site

Investigators in the Ukraine - MH17 (Picture: Ministry of Security and Justice)Investigators in the Ukraine - MH17 (Picture: Ministry of Security and Justice)

A 12 member team consisting of Defense employees, police employees and a member of the Dutch Safety Board is on their way to the Ukraine. The team's goal is to make preparations for the Dutch repatriation mission, which resumes in April.

The team will visit the roped off areas of the MH17 crash site - so called burned sites - to assess the situation and produce a final plan for the mission in April. The team will also assess the state of an area northwest of Petropavlivka for the first time, the security situation in the area previously did not allow this. The mayor of Petropavlivka has been collecting wreckage of the plane during the past period, which the team will pick up and store in Kharkov for the time being.

The team will be working wit the authorities in Kharkov and the villages involved in the disaster. They will also consult with the observation mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the Ukrainian Agency for Disaster Relief (SES). The team will be in the Ukraine until March 28th.

Last night relatives of the victims of the disaster pleaded with the Dutch authorities to resume their investigation on the crash site on RTL Late Night. This was after RTL correspondent Jeroen Akkermans revealed forensic evidence that the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was shot down with a Russian BUK missile.