More NS conductors beaten up, attacked

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Violence against train conductors seems to be turning into an everyday occurrence, with three NS employees assaulted since Friday.

Just after midnight on Thursday evening/Friday morning, a female NS employee was assaulted on Hoofdorp's railway station. She was injured on her face and can not remember the assault.

On Saturday morning around 08:15 a.m the police arrested a 28 year old man from Groenlo at Station 't Hout on the Meester Stikkerplein in Helmond. Earlier that morning the man was traveling on the train without a valid ticket. A conductor confronted the man and he reacted aggressively. He was put of the train at station 't Hout, where he spat on , insulted and kicked the conductor.

Just after noon on Sunday the police arrested a 35 year old Rotterdam Resident at the railway station in Roosendaal. The suspect was riding the train from Antwerpen without a ticket and was confronted by a conductor. The suspect shouted death threats at the conductor. The conductor did not escalate the matter and stepped away from the suspect. At the Roosendaal station NS personnel from the Service and Safety department handed the suspect over to the police.

The police have stated on their website that they will not tolerate verbal of physical violence against public employees. The Public Prosecution has also agreed to increase the sentencing in cases of violence against people with public duties.



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