Rome claims Feyenoord riots caused €8 million in damage

Fountain damaged during Feyenoord riots in Rome (Picture: Politie)Fountain damaged during Feyenoord riots in Rome (Picture: Politie)

According to the municipality of Rome, the damage done to the city by Feyenoord hooligans during riots around the Europa League match against AS Roma, amounts to almost 8 million euros.

These figures were announced by Claudio Presicce, the head of Monuments Conservation of the City of Rome, yesterday afternoon, NOS reports.

The Barcaccia fountain at the foot of the Spanish Stairs suffered damages of almost 1.5 million euros. The fountain was hit by 108 beer bottles that Feyenoord supporters threw at the police during a riot on February 19th. According to Presicce, the fountain needs three repairs that will cost a total of 75 thousand euros. On top of that there is 209 thousand euros of "now useless restorations" that were done in September last year. Finally there is 1.2 million euro due to "loss of value" to the monument.

In addition to the fountain, the supporters also vandalized the buses that took them to the stadium, amounting to 100 thousand euros worth of damage, Presicce said. The sanitation service and municipal police suffered a loss of 58 thousand euros. And the city of Rome is also missing out on about 3 to 4 million euros due to "reputation damage" among potential tourists.

The final amount will be determined in the coming months.